Despite being rejected in favour of her mum’s scummy boyfriend, Louise Alden has always managed to land back on her own two feet. She learnt from a young age that she can’t change the cards that life has dealt her; she just has to learn how to play the game. Getting involved with the ‘Larkhall boys’ may have just been the best thing she ever did. With a new boyfriend at her side and plenty of money in her pocket, life on the estate has never been better.

Gary West is a shrewd business man. When fifteen year old Jamie Finch approaches him for a job, Gary can’t help but recognise the fire in the young boy’s belly for a taste of the good life. Jamie may be young, and he may be unaware of what really goes on at West Street Garage but Gary’s intuition has never been wrong. With the right guidance, Jamie Finch is going to go far.

 Jerell Morgan has evil ingrained in his bones. Even his Bible preaching grandma that raised him back home in Kingston, Jamaica, couldn’t drive away the wickedness that festered inside him as a child. Now busy making a name for himself here in London, Jerell is prepared to do whatever it takes so that he can live the life that he has always dreamt of. He is on the rise, and Lambeth doesn’t know what’s about to hit it.

 “Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall”.

                                                         ~  William Shakespeare