What they say:

‘Louise Alden learnt from a young age that you can’t change the cards that life deals you; you just have to learn how to play the game. With money in her pocket and a new boyfriend at her side, life on the estate has never been better.

Until Louise uncovers a deadly secret; now nothing will ever be the same again.

Jerell Morgan was born evil. Even his Bible preaching grandma, who raised him back home in Kingston, Jamaica, couldn’t drive away the wickedness that festered inside him as a child.

Now busy making a name for himself, Jerell is prepared to do whatever it takes to live the life that he has always dreamt of.

He is on the rise, and London doesn’t know what’s about to hit it.’

“Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall.”

~ William Shakespeare


What we say – review by Eleanor Whalley:

Rise and Fall is a wonderful read. The plot of this crime thriller races along not unlike the classic cars that are being ripped off and stolen through out the early part of the story. The story is interesting because it is told from the perspective of the criminals, rather than the police or the detective trying to solve a case. Kelleher wields three different stories with great skill, intermingling the narrative to give the reader a truly disturbing sense of the murky crime world that characters Jamie, Jerrell and Louise inhabit.

Jamie is the most fun character by far; harsh and cruel on one level, he is also strangely principled – wanting to make money but not necessarily hurt or kill anyone, which is a very different attitude to many of the other criminals in the tale. He also has a sense of humour and thus is very identifiable with, even more so when he reveals a sweet side through his loyalty to his semi-adopted father and petty crime boss Gary. Louise also adds an interesting element to the story, perceived as a flirt by the men around her – her own internal monologue is reveals that she is the brains behind the crime organisation that they all work for.

If I had to, my one and only bone to pick with this tale is that the characters sometimes lack motivation. The three protagonists are all vicious in their own way but at some points the narrative doesn’t give enough explanation of their actions and motives. However, the story is still a great read and an interesting window into the scummy world of crime, the failure of the system and those who get caught in the crossfire.