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My debut novel started out as a secret project!
I had been inspired by my late Grandad, who in his 90’s had started to write a book of his own. Sadly, he only managed to write a few chapters before he passed away. That got me thinking. Perhaps there really is a book in us all? I guess I just wanted to see if I could do it, if I could actually write my own book?I was working as a beauty therapist at the time, with three young sons, so it started off as a little secret hobby. When I was finally done, I showed all my friends and family the huge manuscript that I’d been hiding and they were all really surprised. I’m probably the worst person at keeping secrets, so they were more shocked that I had managed to keep my writing a secret, than the fact I’d actually written a book.

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I have the biggest coffee addiction!
I can’t even function without at least two giant mugs of coffee to start my day.

I became a mum at just seventeen years old.

Which, for me, turned out to be one of the best things that ever could have happened to me.My son was born 3 months premature and was in the special care baby unit for the first three months of his life. He was a little fighter and did/and has done amazing. (he’s almost 20 now!) Being such a young mum, made me feel that I had an awful lot to prove. To my son, to myself and to the rest of the world.Having someone depend on me made me even more determined to succeed in everything I put my mind to.


I’m addicted to car crash TV.
When I’m not writing… I am addicted to The Real Housewives, Big Brother, Million Dollar Listings. Vanderpump Rules. Pure unadulterated escapism.
Strangely, for a crime writer I can’t watch anything remotely scary. I don’t do ‘Horror’ films. Even Luther makes me jump in places, so you’ll find me watching that from behind a cushion.

I read ALL of my reviews.
The good, the bad and the ugly.I write for my audience, my readers, so feedback really is the best gift that I can receive from them in return. The good and the bad! If people have taken the time to write a review about my one of my books, then the least I can do is take the time to read them.


My favourite Actor
I am a massive fan of Ray Winstone. I sent him a copy of Bad Blood and he contacted me to thank me for it, I was over the moon. Such a lovely guy, and one of my all time favourite actors.

I’m a fully qualified Holistic Therapist, specialising in Swedish Body Massage.
I worked in the beauty industry for ten years, in some of the best Spa’s and Salons in the South East of England. I loved it. Meeting so many lovely people, working alongside great groups of girls that I still remain good friends with now. I do sometimes miss the busy environment of a beauty salon, it couldn’t be more different from the solitude of writing. Oh, and I miss all the lovely treatments and products too… and the staff discount!!!

I have a tattoo
Just the one. A pair of angel wings on my wrist, that join together to form a heart.In memory of my late grandparents. My angels.

I have a very spoilt dog called Sassy.
(Or ‘Princess Sassy-boo’ as she’s become accustomed to.) She is my little writerly companion and sits at my feet most of the day whilst I’m writing. She has her own Doggy-boudoir with glitter wag wallpaper and a leopard print blanket. In fact most of the things she owns are leopard print. Bowls, beds, blankets, even her poop bags. (I blame her dad!!!,)


My greatest achievement in life has to be my little family.

My sons, my husband and my doggy.It doesn’t matter what you own, or how well you do, success can only really be measured by the people you have around you, and my family are everything to me.

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