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Great news this week, Bad Blood (Blut Bande) has now been translated and is set to go on sale in Germany on 12th May 2015.

Loving the new cover too…

Blut Bande: http://goo.gl/5CMc7L



Big Brother For Books?

Big Brother For Books?

The Dish

Late last year, an article appeared in The Guardian about the info that e-book seller Kobo collected about the habits of their readers:

After collecting data between January and November 2014 from more than 21m users, in 13624974countries including Canada, the US, the UK, France, Italy and the Netherlands, Kobo found that its most completed book of 2014 in the UK was not a Man Booker or Baileys prize winner. Instead, readers were most keen to finish Casey Kelleher’s self-published thriller Rotten to the Core, which doesn’t even feature on the overall bestseller list – although Kelleher has gone on to win a book deal with Amazon’s UK publishing imprint Thomas & Mercer after selling nearly 150,000 copies of her three self-published novels. “Rotten to The Core by Casey Kelleher was the most completed book in the UK, with 83% of people reading it cover to cover,” said Kobo, “whereas…

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The Special Thrill of Captivating Readers

Kobo Writing Life

By Casey Kelleher

CaseyKelleherI’ve just had the most amazing five days in New York. Christmas shopping with my kids in all the big stores (I had a bit of a love affair with Macy’s), watching the Knicks play, paying my respects at the 911 memorial, and being generally followed around by my royal stalkers Kate and William on their visit.  😉

On my last day there, I woke up to the most amazing news.

Kobo had announced not only their “Best-Sellers list”, but also the most ‘Completed book of 2014”. They had collected data between January and November 2014 from more than 21m users, in countries including Canada, the US, the UK, France, Italy and the Netherlands. Kobo found that its most completed book of 2014 in the UK was not a Man Booker or Baileys prize winner. Instead, readers were most keen to finish MY BOOK!! My self-published thriller…

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In the Press…


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I’ve just had the most amazing five days in New York. Christmas shopping with my kids in all the big stores (I had a bit of a love affair with Macy’s), watching the Knicks play, paying my respects at the 911 memorial, and being generally followed around by my royal stalkers Kate and William on their visit 😉

It was truly magical, and on my last day, things went just a little bit crazy. So I thought i’d share my news with you all.

I woke up to an email from Thomas and Mercer, my publishers… “Have you seen this article in The Bookseller, congratulations… ”

the bookseller

Ebook retailer Kobo collected data between January and November 2014 from more than 21m users, in countries including Canada, the US, the UK, France, Italy and the Netherlands, Kobo found that its most completed book of 2014 in the UK was not a Man Booker or Baileys prize winner. Instead, readers were most keen to finish MY BOOK!! Self-published thriller Rotten to the Core, which as they went on to add, doesn’t even feature on the overall bestseller list.

“Rotten to The Core by Casey Kelleher was the most completed book in the UK, with 83% of people reading it cover to cover,” said Kobo, “whereas the number one bestselling ebook in the UK, One Cold Night by Katia Lief [also a thriller] was only completed by 69% of those who read it.”

Here are the official lists…

Kobo’s UK Bestseller List
1.One Cold Night – Katia Lief
2. Gone Again – Doug Johnstone
3. Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn
4. The Fault in Our Stars – John Green
5. My Sister’s Keeper – Bill Benners
6. The Husband’s Secret – Liane Moriarty
7. The Cuckoo’s Calling – Robert Galbraith
8. Her Last Letter – Nancy C. Johnson
9. Twelve Years a Slave – Solomon Northup
10. Bloody Valentine – James Patterson

Kobo’s most completed books of 2014
1. Rotten to the Core – Casey Kelleher
2. The Tycoon’s Vacation – Melody Anne
3. The Traitor – Kimberley Chambers
4. Concealed in Death – JD Robb
5. Wrongful Death – Lynda La Plante
6. All Revved Up – Sylvia Day
7. Present Danger – Stella Rimington
8. The Empty Cradle – Rosie Goodwin
9. The Witness – Nora Roberts
10. The Promise (Fallen Star Series, Book 4) – Jessica Sorensen

Wow!!! And then shit got real!!! The Guardian picked up the article and ran a piece on it, followed by The Telegraph, and then Entertainment Weekly.

the guardian entertainmentweeklytelegraph

The Guardian: http://goo.gl/qT8P1FThe

Telegraph: http://goo.gl/7QnVr1

Entertainment Weekly: http://goo.gl/gtysm6

My phone was going crazy. Mark Lefebvre, Kobo’s Director contacted me personally to congratulate me and the BBC asked me to do an interview. I spent my last day in New York with my head in the clouds somewhere just above the Rockerfella centre. 


Sometimes as an author, we do wonder how well our books really do with readers. We can all see the sales figures, and the chart positions, but what do readers think when they read our books? Genuine feedback from readers is all authors really care about. Why? Because they are the people we are writing for. A fellow author said to me today that having your book hold the readers attention really is the best writing achievement of all, and he is right. It really is!

I’m back in the Uk now, still floating up in the clouds, only these ones are a bit grey and not half as magical! A million thank you’s to everyone who bought my books but more importantly thank you for reading them, and for leaving me a review.

Casey x

Hall of Fame – Book Review!


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Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 15.30.21

“I’m starting this review still a little bit speechless, after not long finishing the book. I’ve read close to 200 books this year, and this is easily one of the best. Looking back at 2014, I’ve given a lot of books five stars, which is something I’m trying to change as when I compare some of them with this book, Bad Blood is in another league so there’s no hesitation in adding it to my Hall of Fame. Casey Kelleher is an author who has been on my radar for a while, my go to crime website Best Crime Books is a big fan of her previous books, I’ve just never got round to reading them myself. This is a mistake I will soon be rectifying because even though I have a scary looking review TBR, I really want to read Casey’s books right now.

Bad Blood opens and introduces us to a lot of characters, yet it never felt confusing with who everybody was. The main family are the Woods, our introduction to Harry being when he was a world famous boxer with the world at his feet, and a pregnant wife who he adored. Fast forward to the present day and his wife is dead, his children all grown up, and Harry one of London’s most famous and feared gangsters. His estranged daughter Kelly comes back into his life with her waster husband Terry. His son Christopher is totally out of control whilst Christopher’s brother Nathan is looking to take himself out of the family business and go legit, settling down with his girlfriend. Harry’s youngest daughter also returns home from boarding school. Along the way we are introduced to more characters, all connected to the Woods family in one way or another. Throughout the book plans are made, secrets come out, and it isn’t long before the lives of the characters start to unravel in brilliantly dramatic fashion.

The book does have an intriguing mix of characters. Christopher was especially evil, and is a character I think readers will despise. He doesn’t show remorse for his actions, even taking pleasure out of taunting his own family. There is a reason for his behaviour though, and when it is all revealed I was left reeling. I’m a reader that likes to spot twists before they come, yet here I couldn’t. Casey holds everything back until exactly the right moment. Kelly was a favourite character of mine, I found her transformation from how she was in the beginning to how she was at the end to be a bit quick, but she was a very likeable character I had no trouble rooting for. She was a realistic and believable character. Likewise for the rest of the cast. One minute you will hate a character, the next you will wonder whether it’s wrong to like them. On the surface they are villains, making their money through crime but even the hardest of villains love their family, and that’s the case here. There are some heartwarming and touching moments in the book, which you might not expect from a villain but which are still believable.

This is one of those books where there’s so much I could talk about but it’s difficult to do so without ruining it for people. The ending of the book was another jaw dropping moment, I just don’t know how I didn’t see the little twist coming, it was brilliant. The story at the end felt very final and was wrapped up nicely, which is a shame because, in this genre especially, I’m a big fan of series, following the characters over two or three books and seeing how their lives develop over a few decades. It would be a shame if this is the last we see of the Woods but either way I am massively excited to see what Casey comes up with next. I only hope she is a fast writer!

What I loved about this book is Casey’s writing. It’s extremely dark in places given the subject matter, but the book was infused with humour and sarcasm throughout, but never in a silly or unbelievable way. Certain parts actually made me laugh out loud, Casey has such a way with words and it really brings her characters to life, giving them real personality and adding lighter moments to what is otherwise a pretty graphic and brutal read, yet absolutely brilliant with it as that is exactly what I’m after when I pick a book like this up. Some scenes will make you want to look away, but the book is simply too addictive for that to happen. What I also look for is originality, the characters and the world they inhabit in books like this are invariably the same, it’s what the author does with them that makes the book stand out from the crowd, and the story here is original and really good. I reached the end of the book and was a little gutted, I wasn’t ready for the story to end and could have read on and on.

It wasn’t all that long ago that this genre was owned by one author, its creator. The competition now though is so fierce with the likes of Kimberley Chambers and Jessie Keane that authors have to constantly up their game, and 2014 has been one of the most exciting years this genre has seen so next year is going to be even better I imagine. Reading this book at times reminded me of when I first read a Kimberley Chambers book, it brought back all the excitement I felt at having discovered a new (to me) author, one who is incredibly talented and who knows how to tell one hell of a story, and totally hook the reader in. I was gripped to the last half of this book, reading so fast I’m surprised my Kindle didn’t break. Once you get started with this book it’s really hard to stop reading. Kimberley Chambers is now a number one best selling author and if the same isn’t true of Casey in a few years, I’ll be very surprised. The move to a proper publisher appears to have worked wonders, and I predict other publishers will be chasing after her before long.

Overall then this book comes highly recommended by me. I recently compiled my Top 10 Books of 2014 ready to share in December, but that list will definitely be getting revised and I now have the difficult choice of choosing a book to kick out to make room for this one. To describe it in one word I would say ‘outstanding’ and you would be an absolute fool not to pick it up.”

Thanks to Casey for arranging a review copy. 

The first official review for Bad Blood is in…


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book review

Well, well Ms Kelleher, it seems somebody is well and truly stepping up to the plate so to speak:-) Casey Kelleher started off by self-publishing her first three books which if you haven’t read I would highly recommend. I was chuffed when I heard she had signed a book deal with Amazon’s Thomas and Mercer Imprint. I was even more chuffed when the lady herself let me get my hands on an early edition. I have to be honest though, I was nervous. What if her new publishers had suggested changes in writing style or something and I didn’t like it? As a lot of authors know, getting an early edition doesn’t sway my opinion. If I don’t like it, I don’t like it and will say so. However, Casey has stuck two fingers up at me by writing a blinding book that I couldn’t put down. Clearly now she is a published author she feels she has to up her game, and up her game she did.

I have to admit when I started the book I wasn’t that engaged and it took 3 or 4 chapters to get into it. However, once past that point it just got better and better. Harry Woods is a bit of a face along with his right hand man Raymond. Harry’s children are his life and as adults now they all feature heavily in this book. Sadly, this review is very hard to write as if I put too much content in, it will spoil the storyline. Part of the attraction of this book was that there were characters I wasn’t sure about. Why were they in the book, and what part did they play. Thankfully all is revealed as the story progresses. Each time I thought I’d heard it all, another secret is revealed. One particular character Casey managed to write about got right under my skin and that was Christopher. Without revealing too much, she managed to create a one man monster and the writing conveyed that pretty well. I also liked that in addition to the main storyline, there was a less obvious thread that’s revealed even more toward the end.

I’ve read all of Casey’s books and always thought they were brilliant, albeit one has never grabbed me enough to give it full marks. This one certainly did that and it seems Casey is firmly embedding herself in the list of ‘must read’ female British Crime Authors. Many of her readers follow her on Facebook, and Twitter and in a weird way we are all rooting for the likes of Casey to get herself on the platform of recognised authors. It’s great to see British female authors finally get the book deals they deserve, and (without sounding ridiculous) I feel very proud of you Ms Kelleher! CAN’T WAIT for the next book! Your fans will be very pleased

P.S Thomas and Mercer, you would be VERY silly to let this lady go!


Cover Reveal for Bad Blood…


Here it is… My new baby…

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 11.43.27

Blood makes you related. Loyalty makes you family.

In the underbelly of Soho’s organised crime ring, everyone knows that retired boxer Harry Woods is not one to mess with. And that goes double for his family.

Harry has it all: the big house, the flashy cars, and an abundance of wealth. As much as money talks in his world, Harry knows deep down the only thing that really counts is family. Haunted by the sudden death of his wife, he’ll do anything to protect his children, but truth is a heavy burden and hidden secrets can unravel even the strongest of bonds…

Without loyalty, family are bound together only by blood. Bad blood.

Pre-order here: http://goo.gl/pWeuM3

Casey xx

The Bookseller


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the bookseller

Amazon’s UK publishing imprint Thomas & Mercer has signed a one-book deal with author Casey Kelleher.

Kelleher has previously self-published three books in the grit-lit genre through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform – Rotten to the Core,Rise and Fall and Heartless – notching up nearly 150,000 units, according to the author.

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 10.53.30

Amazon’s Thomas and Mercer imprint in the UK will publish her fourth title Bad Blood on 16th December 2014 after Kelleher struck with deal herself with Emilie Marneur, senior acquisitions editor at Amazon Publishing.

Kelleher told The Bookseller: “I met Emilie Marneur at a book launch for Mel Sherratt’s – Watching Over You. She was already familiar with my work, and asked me to send her a submission of my latest novel.” Kelleher continued: “Emilie and her team are fantastic, and the whole process is so different to self-publishing. I’m thoroughly enjoying every minute of it. I can’t wait to see the finished novel and get feedback from my readers. I feel that as an author I have had a lot more input and control over not only the deal but also the book itself, which for me is the most important thing.”

When asked if she was concerned about other retailers not stocking her title if it was published by rival retailer Amazon, Kelleher said: “No, I’m not concerned. Writing in the grit-lit genre, we are very lucky to have such a huge following of supportive readers. I’ve known readers to spend out on a new reading device in order to get a book that they particularly wanted that isn’t available on the platform that they usually buy from. If readers want a book, they will source it no matter who the stockist is.”

Five magical words… “I got a book deal”!!!


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I’m so excited to announce that I have just accepted a book deal with Thomas and Mercer, for my fourth book ‘BAD BLOOD’.


The trade paperback, digital and audio additions are due to be published later this year, and already ‘Bad Blood’ is shaping up to be my best book yet. With such a fantastic publishing and editing team behind me, I’m really looking forward to taking my writing to the next level. 

I’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has given me so much support along the way. It’s been an amazing roller-coaster of a journey so far, and I cannot wait for the next exciting chapter. 

~ Casey xxx 





‘There’s been a Murder’ Blog…





Casey Kelleher was born in Cuckfield, West Sussex. Growing up she became an avid reader, loving in particular gritty crime thrillers and gangland books. Her favourite authors Martina Cole, Mandasue Heller and Kimberley Chambers have heavily influenced her writing style. Casey is represented by the Andrew Lownie Literary Agency.
In September 2011and Casey’s first book ‘Rotten to the Core’ was published. Reaching number 15 in the Amazon Crime thriller chart, and remaining in the top 100 crime thriller chart for over 14 months. Her second novel ‘Rise and Fall’ was published in September 2012 while her third novel Heartless was published in August 2013.

1. How did you get started writing?

I’ve always been a bookworm but it was actually my granddad who inspired me. In his nineties, he bought himself a laptop with the intentions of teaching himself how to use it, and also to write his…

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